EMB Construction Company, LLC. Since we have started erecting buildings, there has been no project EMB could not handle. There are several projects that we would like to show you as you click to play each window showing one project; if any window does not automatically play, just click play to begin. There’s also music on the second Photo Show. We thank you for taking the time to look at our work.

EMB Construction. Company, LLC.

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In Statesville, NC.

Build 260’ Ft. Clear span x 200’ Ft. Long X 44’ Ft. Tall

Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: 60’ W x 90’ L x 76’ H., Text Box:  120’ W x 200’ L x 26’ Text Box: Water plant walls 42’ Ft. Text Box: 100’ W x 998’ L 20’ H.

                NAVY PROJECT,  IN DAHLGREN, VA.

EMB Construction Company, LLC.

Erected this Building for

Navy Weapons Dynamics,  60’ W.  X 90’ L. X 76’ H.

To contact us:

Phone: 434 685 3036

Fax: 434 685 7082

E-mail: embconstco@aol.com

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